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Rabu, 11 Februari 2009


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Welcome to debate online of SEAMOLEC. This site is designed for you to practice expressing your ideas in English. Please do not hesitate to express ideas or argumentation even though you have limited English proficiency. Do not worry about making mistakes as it is the process of learning and improving your English proficiency.
To participate in this debate, simply read the motion or resolution you like. Then, position yourself either you are FOR or AGAINST the motion / resolution.
Click Argument For or Argument Against, and write your argument, and submit. We would appreciate if you write your name and your institution after your argument.

online ini adalah debate sederhana, sebagai forum untuk parctise expressing ideas. Ikuti saja petunjuknya. Untuk bisa ikutan, sign up saja dulu, dan kemudian memberikan pendapat. Kalau setuju dengan motion atau resolution yang diberikan, klik argument for, dan
ketik argumennya, serta post/send/submit. Bila tidak setuju, klikargument against, ketik argumennya serta post/send/submit.

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